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‘accelerating your business using our knowledge of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies.’

welcome to the world of fountech

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about fountech

The power of AI – providing simple solutions to complex business problems

Fountech design, develop and integrate AI into the core of your business, often by releasing the untapped potential of Big Data.

Sometimes that’s data you’ll already have, sometimes we’ll enable you to find it.  We regard ourselves as an AI think-tank, rather than just a development company.  Our approach can turn your business ideas into tangible results using targeted AI.  That’s why our core philosophy is: ‘you don’t just learn Artificial Intelligence - you need to think it’.

The deft application of AI involves so much more than writing algorithms, it’s about examining the philosophy of an organisation’s interaction with technology, for business and customers alike. Hyper-personalisation and slick UX is absolutely crucial to retain brand loyalty nowadays, in whatever business sector.

We often work by answering your – ‘What if we only knew?’ question, where the answer would revolutionise your customer experience.

how we do it? >

how we do it

A trusted methodology as smooth as clockwork

Our approach has been very well received by many clients. It’s empirical, so the strictly documented process leaves no stone unturned in examining the way that your business operates. We assess your strategies, then apply AI to take your products and services to the next level.

First, we draft a pre-proposal as an overview. Next, we create a full proposal, thoroughly documenting your requirements. Then, we produce a comprehensive ‘white paper’ before a much more technical ‘yellow paper’ specifying and mapping the project. A small-scale ‘proof of concept’ is used to answer fundamental questions, followed finally by full-scale development.

To find out more about the methodology we use to integrate AI, please download our overview. To understand more about Fountech's wider range of skills and services, please download our eBrochure.

Remember that question, ‘What if we only knew?’ Well, you only have to ask, so why not get in touch.

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