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Nikolas Kairinos

Founder & CEO

Nikolas started his career as a programmer at age 11.  At university, he became frustrated with the state of the art and decided that he had to stop relying on literature, and shape his own ideas about Artificial Intelligence. This is because he feels that it lies at the intersection of numerous fields besides mathematics; primarily neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, biology, statistics, physics, the arts and more.  Since then Nikolas has had almost four decades working in AI, having successfully built numerous tech startups along the way.

Currently, Nikolas is the figurehead at Fountech.ai, a ‘think tank’ and lobbying organisation, which he created to help industry leaders and governments address the political, legal and philosophical ramifications of the future that AI is bringing. As a result, his roles are often as political as they are operational. When Nikolas does get involved with operational matters, he assists with developing ideas, creating algorithms, writing specs, defining UX, as well as participating in revenue model decisions. This also involves writing business plans, advising on valuations, raising capital, recruiting talent and more.

Nikolas is always excited by the prospect of disrupting technology for the common good.  From enhancing a simple app that offers restaurant deals to diners, or creating hyper-smart sales-lead generation, to changing the way that corporations carry out their learning and development, Nikolas wants AI to make a difference.  That’s why such projects as Dinabite, Prospex and Soffos are currently attracting investment and enjoying success through the Fountech subsidiary, Fountech.Ventures (website coming soon).

Recently, in 2019, Nikolas’ vast publication history, public speaking reputation and deep involvement in the field of AI won him the exceptionally prestigious ‘CognitionX Outstanding ExpertAward. This placed him on the same list that year as Tim Berners-Lee, the acknowledged creator of the internet, and Greta Thunberg, the climate change activist.

Nikolas Kairinos

Founder & CEO