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Artificial Intelligence

Fountech’s caused quite the stir… everyone’s talking about Google in your brain!

By Fountech
December 7, 2020

The day could come, in the not too distant future, where humans will have microchips inserted into their brains, giving them the ability to transmit and receive information instantaneously. Put another way, people could essentially have a Google assistant built into their skull. And it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence.

But, what is your response to this concept? A terrifying vision of the future, or an incredible idea that will transform our lives for the better?

Whatever one’s opinion on technological advancements like this, there is undoubtedly vast interest in the topic. What’s more, this is not merely a theoretical debate anymore; the technology itself already exists and we are currently seeing leading AI firms, including Fountech, refining software and hardware that will merge the power of man and machine.

Here at Fountech HQ, we’ve been creating quite the stir by talking about this subject.Indeed, over the past week Fountech’s CEO and Founder Nick Kairinos has been published internationally in newspapers, websites and radio stations discussing the concept of ‘Google Brain’.

You can have a read of his thoughts in The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star or The USA Times, or listen to his appearance on BBC radio.

People around the world are rightly excited by how AI can enhance human capabilities. But it’s important not to let the technological, scientific or ethical debate surrounding brain implants detract from the bigger picture. Specifically, there is huge potential for AI to democratise education on a global scale and improve individuals’ ability to learn.

The Soffos project, which Fountech is driving, will bring this point to life. By using AI, we are creating systems, processes and tools that will deliver completely unique learning experiences, ensuring both the content and methodology is tailored to the individual. In turn, this will provide people with the best possible material in the most effective format so they can efficiently learn new subjects and skills.

The days of a teacher delivering the same lesson to dozens of students, each with his or her preferred way of learning, will soon become a thing of the past. Most excitingly, the nature of the software will mean that anyone around the world can benefit from world class, hyper personalised education.  

Whether or not you are eager to have Google-like capabilities integrated into your own brain, exciting developments in the world of AI are going to improve our access to information and, in turn, enhance our ability to learn. Clearly, interest in this area of technology is sky high, and so too is the potential of AI to improve the world around us.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Soffos project, or get in touch to find out more about AI and learning.


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