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Artificial Intelligence


By Fountech
February 14, 2020

One of Fountech’s specialisms is the hyper-personalisation of apps. For example, our client Dinatbite, the restaurant deal finder app, are filing a patent for the AI behind this personalisation, on the basis of its unique integration and the simple yet effective power of its functionality. Here is a copy of their recent press release:

In a groundbreaking technological step forward, the management at Dinatbite are proud to announce the use of a brand new patent pending Artificial Intelligence driven additional resource to their app. The new facility will allow restaurant and food delivery business owners to encourage increased footfall in real time, by responding to cancellations instantly or to tempt customers during quiet times.

Restaurant managers will be able to  see how many Dinatbite users are within a required radius. They can then choose from several alternative menu/ discount combinations, if the system recommends that they might be appealing to nearby users, based upon their known preferences.  Those target customers can then be push notified within a few clicks.

For consumers, the technology will provide an individually unique user experience through an intelligent recommendation engine.  Dinatbite’s AI will list restaurant offers in a combination of user’s taste preferences as well as geographically, chronologically, and by preferred discount models.  This patent-pending AI system will draw upon previous purchase, browsing and search history data.

Diners will not need to open several apps, nor browse through dozens of irrelevant offers.  It’s so simple, Dinatbite’s hyper-personalized deal-finder app puts ease of choice for everyone on a plate; and it’s leaving all its users ever hungry for more!

Giuseppe Uslenghi, CoFounder and CEO of Dinatbite, commented:

The crucial thing here is that a personalized offer, addressed to: ‘Dear {username}’ goes out to Dinatbite users detected by GPS data within a given distance, but what’s more, those people have been selected by the app’s patent-pending intelligent algorithm, based on their specific tastes. “

The new technology will be soon available to app users, once development and beta-testing are complete.


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