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Artificial Intelligence


By Fountech
December 7, 2020

Those famous ‘six degrees of separation’ are just about to shrink with the recent beta launch of ‘Prospex‘, the lead generation engine! Fountech are proud to be working with Prospex to take business planning to warp speed, our Artificial Intelligence architecture is blueprinted into LOMi, the AI engine under the hood of the Prospex ecosystem.

Prospex is an artificial-intelligence driven online community in the cloud, built to focus on doing only one thing and doing it remarkably well; finding sales leads for your business.  It’s a pure lead generation solution that makes connections and suggestions in order to create leads and opportunities for you and your business life.

Like all the best things in life, the concept and the user’s day to day interaction with Prospex is childishly simple, but the It is high-end tech in the background is fiendishly complex.

It’s way too complicated to explain it all here, but imagine Siri, Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, your company’s CRM, your CV and the CV’s of everyone you’ve ever worked with, AND their connections in turn, all rolled into one. Prospex sifts all that Big Data, then suggests leads and opportunities you might never have imagined possible.

It’s all about algorithms, Artificial intelligence, Prospex users’ connections and their connections’ connections! But enough of the spiel, see it for real. Sign up for FREE right now via your LinkedIn account as a beta user and let Prospex plan your next winning move.


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