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Artificial Intelligence

What does June have in store for Fountech?

By Fountech
December 7, 2020

Many business leaders would like to think they have a solid understanding of artificial intelligence (AI). As with any new technological trend, no CEO, CTO or CIO wants to seem as though they are behind the times.

However, exactly how knowledgeable they really are is debatable. It is a pertinent issue – the knowledge gap that currently exists when it comes to AI adoption across different sectors is far larger than most people would assume.

Let’s consider the legal sector; research by the Legal Practice Management in 2018 found that 73% of law firms were not using AI in any way. What’s more, a survey of senior executives in the US byRELX Group placed the legal industry in last place when it came to the adoption of AI and machine learning technologies.

It’s a problem that we had identified at Fountech during our meetings with industry leaders. That’s why we have launched a brand new white paper highlighting the different ways legal firms can simply, yet drastically, gain a competitive advantage through AI.

The white paper is a product of consultations and in-depth research from our team of AI experts, and provides a suitable introduction for those eager to understand AI within the legal sector. If you're interested in receiving a copy of the white paper, get in touch be emailing us: ai@fountech.ai.

CogX 2019

Meanwhile, in the spirit of learning, our CEO Nikolas Kairinos will be flying over to London next week to attend the CogX festival.  

Otherwise known as the Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, CogX provides a forum for speakers from industry, government and academia to share their insights on the latest developments taking the AI space by storm.

If you’re also attending the event and would like to speak to Nick about the projects Fountech is currently working on, or have a general chat about AI, be sure to get in touch by e-mailing us on: ai@fountech.ai or connecting with Nick on LinkedIn.

Helping budding AI entrepreneurs and students

You may remember that we recently announced a new initiative to offer students and entrepreneurs the opportunity to speak with Nick and our Lead AI Architect Petros Mina about the different avenues available to those keen to pursue a career in AI. The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, and we now have a date in June for our next call sessions.

On 20th June 2019 we will be holding two separate call sessions on Zoom; one dedicated to students interested in knowing what AI career pathways are available to them, and one for entrepreneurs seeking to launch an AI business.  

Places are limited, so be sure to reserve your place by getting in touch today. Alternatively, to stay on top of Fountech’s latest initiatives, company updates and project developments, click here to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which will arrive in your inbox on the final Tuesday of each month.


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