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Artificial Intelligence

Which sectors are ripe for AI disruption?

By Fountech
December 7, 2020

When we discuss the way artificial intelligence (AI) could transform the world around us, there is a tendency to speak in broad strokes and postulate about far-flung visions of the future. Doing so, however, means organisations risk overlooking the real benefits of AI that exist today.

When it comes to business leaders understanding how AI can be employed in their respective companies and sectors, there is a very evident knowledge gap. Although there is a general awareness of AI’s disruptive potential, many non-tech business leaders simply don’t know how AI could be used to support them. A recent survey showed that when 1,500 senior US business leaders were asked about AI, only 17% acknowledged they were familiar with how the technology could be employed in a business environment.

In reality, there are very few sectors (if any) that will not to reap the benefits of AI; indeed, many already are. But to realise the full potential of AI, education and awareness is vital; that’s why Fountech is excited to announce the launch of new sector-specific series highlighting just how AI can be used across all manner of industries.

Understanding the full potential of AI

When it comes to AI adoption, some industries are further ahead than others. Take financial services as an example: many of the tasks completed by companies in this sector rely on processing huge reams of data, be it for credit decisions, fraud prevention, trading or the delivery of hyper-personalised services. AI is naturally placed to undertake much of the legwork in this regard, and while there is still a long way to go, important progress is being made.

However, for other industries, the benefits of AI adoption are nowhere near as obvious. Here at Fountech, our team of experts have dedicated countless hours to assessing the current state of different markets when it comes to AI adoption, and we have identified a list of sectors we believe will be radically transformed by AI over the coming years.

So which sectors are on the brink of a full scale transformation through AI adoption, and how can businesses and organisations ensure they are positioned to reap the benefits?

All will be revealed over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, be sure to get in touch with a member of the Fountech team to find out how AI can improve your business. We’re always eager to educate people about the latest developments in the industry, and we’d be more than happy to sit down and explain how AI could be employed in your business or organisation.


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