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The Home of Thinking Artificial Intelligence

People don’t realize AI’s true potential. What we’re seeing now is akin to humans discovering fire, but current thinking is smothering the flames. I just want to stoke things up a little...

Nikolas Kairinos
GROUP Founder




Making tech smarter around the World
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Fountech.ai® is the umbrella online presence representing the Fountech Group, comprising three separate yet complementary organisations, sharing some common goals, but performing different functions.

Each of the three companies in the group has its own distinct brand, remit, management team and operative framework. Each has a presence in Austin TX, London, England and Cyprus, EU. However, our clients aren’t limited to these locations, our coverage is completely global.

Fountech® Solutions is the most operational of our three companies. Its flagship product is a turnkey AI-driven Advanced Conversational Agent called AMA (Ask Me About), which offers sales and lead-generation utilities far beyond those of regular ‘multiple choice’ inflexible ChatBots.

Fountech® Ventures are Deep Tech AI Venture Builders, embracing startups that deploy artificial intelligence at their core. Fountech Ventures invest directly in a selected few startups each year, then immerse themselves as corporate co-founders for the long-haul.

Fountech® Science is a grant-funded research organization. Its work is intended to address grand-scale, global societal challenges such as healthcare and education, by pushing the boundaries of AI beyond deep learning. Our innovative novel algorithms, bleeding-edge data handling and representation techniques empower innovators to offer disruptive solutions to societal challenges.

Our award-winning founder, Nikolas Kairinos, is a leading authority in the field of AI. There are many pre-conceived notions about AI that he has dedicated his life to overturning, because he feels that Artificial Intelligence simply isn’t seen in high enough terms by the general public. Millions of people think that AI is just all about Facebook adverts and website help bots, but experts like Nikolas understand that such products are merely ‘agricultural’ in comparison to the real possibilities.

how we do it

A trusted methodology as smooth as clockwork

Our approach has been very well received by many clients. It’s empirical, so the strictly documented process leaves no stone unturned in examining the way that your business operates. We assess your strategies, then apply AI to take your products and services to the next level.

First, we draft a pre-proposal as an overview. Next, we create a full proposal, thoroughly documenting your requirements. Then, we produce a comprehensive ‘white paper’ before a much more technical ‘yellow paper’ specifying and mapping the project. A small-scale ‘proof of concept’ is used to answer fundamental questions, followed finally by full-scale development.

To find out more about the methodology we use to integrate AI, please download our overview. To understand more about Fountech's wider range of skills and services, please download our eBrochure.

Remember that question, ‘What if we only knew?’ Well, you only have to ask, so why not get in touch.

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With offices in London, England; Austin, Texas and Cyprus EU, Fountech Solutions create powerful conversational AI agents called AMA (Ask Me About) that really work when put to the test. These voice and text accessible avatars effectively pre-sell a product to a website visitor so that when they click-thru to buy or browse, a human should not be needed to close the sale. AMA’s can be incepted by clicking on a product page of a website or by scanning a QR code on printed media such as a billboard, magazine advert or flyer.

As Fountech Solutions’ flagship product, these AMA agents go way beyond severely limited chatbots that require multiple choice Q&A. They don’t just chat, but make conversation at a higher level, so they are able to inform a potential customer in detail, via Q&A, about an organization’s products and services.

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Based in Austin, Texas, Fountech.Ventures offers a home for deep-tech AI startups; a corporate co-founder and incubator that provides capital, lends expertise and assists with mentoring.  It helps startups grow from ‘just ideas’ into profitable, well-funded, expanding businesses; from pre-seed all the way through to Series B. The subsidiary embraces startups that use AI and complementary disruptive technologies at their core.

Provided that a startup is deep-tech centric, involves a novel invention and is solving an important problem, we may well be interested in helping with tech, marketing, IP, legal, capital and expansion. Think of Fountech.Ventures as a 'business factory', where ideas are formed into established profitable organizations.

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Fountech Science is a grant-funded, pure research organization. Its research is intended to address grand-scale societal challenges such as health, education, mobility etc, through the use of innovative, intelligent systems.

‘Science’ exists to develop the state of the art within AI, creating new methods that can be used to train it and to further discover about deep learning and even wider philosophical issues.

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Nikolas Kairinos

group Founder

Nikolas started his career as a programmer at age 11.  At university, he became frustrated with the state of the art and decided that he had to stop relying on literature, and shape his own ideas about Artificial Intelligence. This is because he feels that it lies at the intersection of numerous fields besides mathematics; primarily neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, biology, statistics, physics, the arts and more.  Since then Nikolas has had almost four decades working in AI, having successfully built numerous tech startups along the way.

Currently, Nikolas is the figurehead here at the Fountech group. He spends most of his time outlining possibilities to investors and very senior corporate heads, but when not public speaking or featuring in dozens of interviews and awards ceremonies, Nikolas still offers strategic input.

Recently, in 2019, Nikolas’ vast publication history, public speaking reputation and deep involvement in the field of AI won him the exceptionally prestigious ‘CognitionX Outstanding Expert‘ Award. This placed him on the same list that year as Tim Berners-Lee, the acknowledged creator of the internet, and Greta Thunberg, the climate change activist.

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Nikolas Kairinos

group Founder

our mission

The Fountech Group exists to help solve planetary-scale problems; famine, disease and climate change via highly advanced scientific AI-related research.  We know that our results are credible, due to their successful, practical application into ongoing, vast and complex projects. It’s that same ethos which enables us to produce solid end-to-end turnkey solutions for household name contemporary organizations, while still striving to make the world a better place.

Nikolas Kairinos
group Founder