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Please try again. is an international Artificial Intelligence think tank, providing consultancy advocacy and strategy expertise in all AI related matters for corporations, institutions and governmental departments.

Over the past four years, has established itself as a leading international authority within the Artificial Intelligence industry. With offices in Austin Texas, London England and Limassol Cyprus, the Fountech group focuses on providing bespoke disruptive AI tools for its clients across the globe.

As a company, we are four parts of a whole. has three subsidiaries. Each branch has its own clear brand, remit and expertise. Please follow the links at the top of this page to learn more.

Fountech.Solutions provides a consultancy service, a ‘Proof of Value service’, which is a type of feasibility study to ensure that AI is the correct route for an organisation, then a ‘interim’ Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer for companies wanting direction with that first journey into AI. 

Fountech.Ventures is an incubator that provides capital, lends expertise and assists with mentoring; helping startups grow from ‘just an idea’ into profitable, well-funded, expanding businesses.

Fountech.Science (website coming soon) is a pure research organization, funded by grants.  The research is intended to develop the state of the art of AI beyond the ‘run of the mill’, to further discover about deep learning and even philosophical issues to be addressed as a result. 

The role of the overarching holding company,, is more representative than operational.  Our award-winning founder, Nikolas Kairinos, is a leading authority in Artificial Intelligence, and directs Fountech from the perspective of advisor to a ‘think tank’ of experts.  Our publications on AI are becoming essential reading for many at the cutting edge of the AI industry. is consulted by journalists, researchers and even our subsidiary companies for philosophical guidance when approaching a problem that might need an AI solution.  Someone has to lobby governments and industry regulatory bodies about how AI can be integrated into our society so that the common good is always promoted.  In short, the .ai brand of the Fountech group exists to push the boundaries of the AI industry.  We encourage debate amongst key players as to the philosophical way forward, crystallizing concepts to advance science, in a way that a regular development company just could not afford to attempt.

At the forefront of our philosophy is our adherence to ethical practices.  We encourage workplace diversity and environmentally friendly methods. We prefer our subsidiary, operational branches to become involved with projects that can somehow benefit humankind for the greater good, even if it’s only in the smallest of ways.  The group’s clients, often Tech Startups or established large corporations, don’t necessarily need to be offering something to billions of people, but the projects we nurture are always scalable and exist to make people’s lives better.

We take the view that there is ‘garden variety’ AI, and Fountech’s AI. Ours isn’t created by mono-selection.  Fountech.Science (website coming soon) and Fountech.Solutions don’t rely on self-limiting practices from textbooks, nor use old algorithms and data layers, then bolt on to the original best bits. In order to produce AI that really gets the job done, it needs to ‘think’, not just perform computational processes very quickly. 

We can offer properly informed, solid, realistic advice on AI, whether you’re a journalist, a researcher, or a CEO knowing that you need to let AI into your corporation.

how we do it

A trusted methodology as smooth as clockwork

Our approach has been very well received by many clients. It’s empirical, so the strictly documented process leaves no stone unturned in examining the way that your business operates. We assess your strategies, then apply AI to take your products and services to the next level.

First, we draft a pre-proposal as an overview. Next, we create a full proposal, thoroughly documenting your requirements. Then, we produce a comprehensive ‘white paper’ before a much more technical ‘yellow paper’ specifying and mapping the project. A small-scale ‘proof of concept’ is used to answer fundamental questions, followed finally by full-scale development.

To find out more about the methodology we use to integrate AI, please download our overview. To understand more about Fountech's wider range of skills and services, please download our eBrochure.

Remember that question, ‘What if we only knew?’ Well, you only have to ask, so why not get in touch.

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